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About Us

  • is a family company  located in PERU , ubicated in Huanchaco,Trujillo,north coast of Peru near the area where the magical and mystical Palo Santo tree mainly grows and our designs are made by innovative artisans from our neighborhood that  are developing ecological products . 


  • Our Company started developing crafts(bracelets,necklaces,pendants,earrings,beads,small sculptures,etc) in wood and seeds 15 years ago and we are currently also developing a line of incenses 100% natural made primarily of dust of  selected Palo Santo wood(Holy wood/Sacred wood)and different Andean herbs like eucalyptus,muña,thyme,rosemary,little rosemary,bay leaf,wiracoa,wallpa chaqui,piyacuya,etc. and plant resins.


  • Our main interest is to share with the world a way to reap the benefits that nature provides us through the incense 100% natural , free of chemical components,  made of selected wood Palo Santo(Holy wood/Sacred wood) and  Andean herbs.

    We are working in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru(SERFOR) Piura Peru; using selected  Palo Santo wood, supervised  and certificated from fields from Piura Peru where now we are just doing reforestation  ,palo santo trees  can be only well used when old Palo Santo trees have fallen and they have remained in the land a minimum 3 to 4 years, in this way, you obtain its beneficial properties and can make fine handicrafts with nice colour,relaxing smell and our incenses with very good,relaxing and purifying smell.

          We are inviting you to review our catalogue and where you can see all our products that we have to your disposition.

        "To sell is to relate honestly with other people to offer something of value to them" Daniel Pink

 About the Palo Santo

Composition and properties of Palo Santo.

A myriad of benefits, that's what gives us the Palo Santo. This healing tree captivated the Spaniards in the Conquest and even today, four years later we still marveling. Incredibly all parts of the tree are used in one way or another, it is no waste product, on the contrary, the most taken out.
Aptly the tree was named Bursera Graveolens, scientific name which means "bag full of oil. '' Studies have shown that in their chemical composition are influenza elements (Alpha-Pinene), antiseptics (Terminate-4-OL), sedatives (Carvone, which is also insecticide) and antiviral (sesquiterpene), among others. Therefore, and rightly so many claim that this is a real source of natural medicine.
But that's not all, in addition to the already mentioned components, there is one that stands out from the rest. Limonene are talking about, whose 62.88% of presence in the lignum could help prevent tumors of the stomach, liver, breast and skin, all this as part of its cleansing properties, both physical and spiritual.
According to tradition, in ancient times shamans and healers already knew the medicinal benefits of Palo Santo and wisely used it to relieve diseases such as flu, allergies, headaches and bone.
Before, indigenous cultures made use of the wood of a rustic way. Today, much more aesthetically Palo Santo incense is made, that once burned produces smoke that cleanse and purify the environment from germs,bacteries,evil spirits, bad vibes, and other negative forces.
In the essence of Palo Santo is the guayaheretico acid, responsible for pain relief. This also acts on the human endocrine system, promoting the secretion of certain hormones, such as dopamine and endorphins, allowing problems to treat depression, feelings of abandonment, stress and others. With all the above mentioned we should give a chance to Palo Santo, we lose nothing by trying this natural remedy.



In October of 2018 becoming aware of our responsibility to use the palo santo wood we started with the development of our first palo santo nursery in Serran, Este Poblado Center is located in the district of Salitral, Morropon Province, in the region of Piura 2 hours from the capital Piura. The responsibility in the field is of a person of the place, agricultural technician Reynaldo Huancas Julca, we have planted 1000 small branchs of palo santo, it has been calculated that for the month of May of this 2019 we are reforesting in a private area the first 700 small plants
 Here connecting with the spirit of palo santo and thanking the opportunity to elaborate the first nursery.

Here with a palo santo tree from 10 to 12 years old.

Here with the technicians and rangers of the area.

Technified irrigation system

Here the responsible in the field explaining the development of the nursery.

We are all happy with the start and development of our first palo santo nursery.