Palo Santo round beads 6/6.5mm(500 beads) & 7/8mm.( 500 beads )

New Palo Santo round beads 6/6.5mm(500 beads) & 7/8mm.( 500 beads )

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The Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is a species in the Burseraceae family, which grows in dry forests throughout much of tropical America on the Pacific coast of South America.
The resinous wood is used by the shamans of various South American tribes, such as the Aymara, Quechuas and Jíbaros, among others.
Our product Round beads of high quality Palo Santo wood (Bursera Graveolens) to obtain a fine 6 / 6.5mm ecological jewel. Diameter. (1000 units).
It is a 100% sustainable resource and all parts of the tree are used in one way or another. As we already know, this tree dies naturally and it is only after 3 or 4 years of having fallen that it manifests its properties. No tree is cut down and the Palo Santo that is sold on is certified by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture with Resolution No .: 054-2020-MINAGRI-SERFOR-ATFFS-PIURA with which a rational use of it. and it is essential in forest reforestation projects.
Our products have an artisan procedure, elaborated by our community "Las Lomas" of Huanchaco in Trujillo-La Libertad-Peru.
Our team is made up of young students, mothers and fathers.
They are responsible for the development of each product, with a minority in each process that implies the realization of an excellent finish and its purpose.
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