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This bracelet is made of 6mm Palo Santo and Huayruro beads. In our artisan workshop "Las Lomas" in Huanchaco in PERU.
It is one of the most important energy allies.

Its sweet and strong aroma is easily recognizable and its use is increasingly widespread. "Palo Santo" means "Sacred Wood" and has been used for many years for spiritual and healing purposes. Those who use it claim that it has healing and calming powers, properties that have fascinated different civilizations since ancient times.
Its scent is so intense and powerful that it was considered a sacred tree by ancient cultures, who burned pieces of the trunk in shamanic rituals to better communicate with the gods. It has been known for centuries as the "
The Huayruros are small seeds like a red and black bean that come from the plant known as Ormosia coccínea, originally from the ancient Inca empire and that grows in humid and tropical areas. For many years it has been believed to have a protective power like that of an amulet or talisman.
The measurements and size are designed for adults and children, due to the shape, size and finish, it is great to look like a fine piece, as well as protective and a good amulet.
Increases self-esteem and improves mood.
Increases the feeling of calm and well-being in the home and environments in general.
Relieves nervous tension and helps control diseases or ailments caused by stress, enhancing harmony and well-being. These benefits are attributed to its physical and spiritual cleansing properties.
It encourages meditation as it relaxes the mind and induces a feeling of surrender and abandonment.
It is widely used in the practices of Yoga, Reiki and aromatherapy. Its intense and captivating aroma is said to help deepen meditation in spiritual moments of contemplation.
This seed placed between the Palo Santo beads means that you will protect yourself from bad vibes.
She usually puts them on babies to take care of people with strong eyes, who stare at them or scare them.
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