This piece of sacred Palo Santo wood (Bursera Graveolens) is healing.
The aroma of the piece: NECKLACE OF 62 ROUND BEADS OF 7/8mm. In diameter, 24cm long, extensible cord. Selected pieces.
It is curative. It has been used since ancient times and more than 400 years ago it fascinated the Spanish. At present it does not stop surprising, since more and more, new uses and forms are known.
Lignum vitae
It is a 100% sustainable resource and all parts of the tree are used in one way or another.
As we already know, this tree dies naturally and only after 3 or 4 years of falling is when it manifests its properties.
No trees are felled and the Palo Santo sold at is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru
with Resolution No.: 054-2020-MINAGRI-SERFOR-ATFFS-PIURA, which guarantees its rational use and is essential in forest reforestation projects.
Our products have an artisan procedure, made by our community “Las Lomas” of Huanchaco in Trujillo-La Libertad-Peru.
Our team made up of young men and women students, mothers and fathers.
They are in charge of the development of each product, with thoroughness in each process that entails the realization and the purpose of them.
There are many studies carried out on this sacred wood and here we have wanted to compile its uses and benefits based on them.

Palo Santo is used to expel negative energies and attract positive energies. Balance energies, seeking and increasing all positive.
Help control current diseases caused by stress by giving peace and harmony. This is due to its physical and spiritual cleansing properties.
Its aroma helps to deepen spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.
Aphrodisiac: its earthy and enigmatic quality helps to improve the loving and spiritual relationship in couples. It can be used in the bedroom so that couples have a more intimate, loving and happy moment.
Shamans use them in their sessions to clean and purify environments against bad spirits, bad vibes and negative forces.
Connecting us with human love increases the ability to give and receive.
Promotes meditation as it relaxes the mind. It is widely used in practices of Yoga, Reiki, Aromatherapy, …
It relaxes us and transports us to a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
Relieves nervous tension.
Eliminate domestic conflicts.
It is used by breathing it to lift the mood, remove stress and against asthma.
The aroma of the piece BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE NECKLACE OF PALO SANTO WOOD, serves as a protection amulet, symbolizes the divine,

Almost all ancient cultures have used this sacred wood. In Peru, it is still used today in cleansing and purification rituals by the shamans of the Andes for their ceremonies and rituals. It is an important part of ayahuasca sessions in the Peruvian jungle.
Always carry this beautiful necklace with you for protection, apart from deepening your days and bringing them in harmony, carrying all pessimism and bad energy.

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