Palo Santo is used in many countries to expel negative energies and attract positive energies.
According to scholars, it balances energies, seeking and increasing everything positive.
Cleans and purifies environments, as well as scenting them.
The huayruro is a small seed like a red and black bean that comes from the plant known as Ormosia coccinea,
native to the ancient Inca empire and grows in humid and tropical areas.
For many years it has been believed that it has a protective power like that of an amulet or talisman.
Huayruro means “door”
This piece has a mix between energy and protection.
Our palo santo bracelets (Bursera Graveolens)
They are made of selected wood where you can feel the relaxing and true smell of the magical palo santo tree,
they combine well with the red and black seeds of the wayruro. 18 palo santo beads and 4 huayruro seeds,
each bead or ball measures 7 / 8mm in diameter.

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