WHALE TAIL NECKLACE, this beautiful piece made of wood from the sacred tree of Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens).

What is it?

The palo santo (Bursera graveolens) is a sacred tree native to Peru, it grows in the dry forest. It has been traditionally used to cleanse bad energy, ward off evil spirits, and harmonize.
This tree has essential oils in the wood, so any craft made with it will have its sacred aroma.
Called “sacred” for the power it possesses to transform negative energies into positive ones and for innumerable benefits, even in medicine to cure diseases.
The wood of this tree cannot be carved but reforested. And wait between 2 to 4 years after its natural fall, at the end of its life cycle. In order to be used and obtain better properties.

How is?
It is a necklace with a piece with a fine and rustic finish at the same time. The necklace is handmade and very aromatic.
The size of the cord is adjustable for the comfort that is required.

° Freedom
° Joy
good luck
° Speed
° Strength
° Spirituality
° Protection
° Growth.


Continuous contact with water causes the loss of its aroma and shine.
Remove it during the shower.


Drive away negative energies and attract positive ones;
relaxing, lift your spirits by breathing deeply with a pleasant aroma.

.Handmade necklace by artisans from our community “Las Lomas” de Huanchaco in Trujillo.


The procedure for these beautiful pieces, whale tail, has a meticulous and detailed procedure.
From the collection of wood from the tree. That is already known, that it is until after 2 to 4 years of its term of natural life.
Until the rustic and fine finish that is given to the piece.
After collecting the wood, we begin to select the best part of the trunk in order to obtain a resinous piece that helps to give it that better finish that we need to complete it.
Apart from naturally providing the satisfying smell that is impregnated in the wood and being better if it is selected, like all our products.
We carry out a meticulous manual carving, with the indicated silhouette, whale tail.
For this carving, we delve into the piece, as if we were one. Since we remember that CRAFTSMANSHIP means ART THAT HEALS.
Only in this way can we get a piece that is not only aromatic, fine and rustic, but also carries a mixture of energies, whether it is made from the wood itself, and the energy emanating from the person who does it manually.
We can guarantee that this piece is what many people are looking for, 100% natural, energetic and flavorful. WITH A NUMBER OF BENEFITS.
We put the adjustable cord, for the measure you want to use it.
And we continue to pack it, so that it can be taken to ITS BEAUTIFUL DESTINATION.

In our Wanchako Workshop in the community of Las Lomas de Huanchaco in Trujillo-La Libertad, Peru.
All our products are made by hand and have a forest management declaration approved by SERFOR that guarantees the legal and sustainable origin of the wood:
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