Wallpa chaki (chicken’s foot) is a medicinal plant widely used for colds and respiratory and digestive problems, although it is also used as a broad-spectrum antiseptic.

The wallpa chaki can be used in vaporizations, infusions, or simply burning some dry branches to take advantage of its aromatic smoke, in all these ways you can take advantage of its disinfectant properties and clear the respiratory tract, relieve abdominal pain or simply strengthen the body.


The scent of Palo Santo incense has a cooling effect on the body. The Wallpa chaki relaxes the muscles, its aroma refreshes the body, abdominal pain and also helps to combat headaches.


Presentation of 48 units. Package of 12 boxes, each box with 4 units of incense. -Rods from 4.8 to 5cm. -Approximate burning time of 25 to 30 min. -Extra rich, intriguing aromatic incense.
-Slow combustion
-Very aromatic -The weight of each incense is 3.5 grams.

Wanchako incense sticks have strong power to relieve headaches, helping to cure fatigue. It also helps you refresh your mind.
Wanchako-Incense incense sticks are menthol and camphorated, eliminate bad odors, create a pleasant and harmonious fragrance in the home.

100% natural wallpa chaki incense sticks with Palo Santo can reduce headaches. The power of wallpa chaki is the best to combat stress, harmonize the place where it burns, helps a person’s health. It is an excellent repellent that devours all insects such as mosquitoes, mosquitoes, etc. Due to its size of 4.8 to 5cm and its packaging in a small box of 4 units, it can be taken to your favorite place, within reach of your hand.

What are Wallpa chaki natural incense sticks?
Wallpa chaki natural incense sticks with Palo Santo are made from pure wood and ground Wallpa chaki leaves. The fresh and dried leaves of Wallpa chaki are carefully heaped and blended to form an ideal incense that has tremendous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.
How do Wallpa chaki natural incense sticks de-stress your life?
Natural incense sticks work in a specialized way to remove stress, depression and anxiety from your life. When burned as incense, it leaves behind a special scent that is refreshing, therapeutic, and provides an extra layer or feeling of superiority. Best known for its protective abilities, it has specialized features and benefits including repelling stress and fatigue.

The reasons why you can live a stress-free life just by lighting these special incenses. Creating a positive environment.
Wallpa chaki resin is considered sacred enough to create an environment full of freshness and positivity. It has the special feature of igniting your positive thoughts to explore your best side. Therefore, these incense sticks are also used in sacred places for the same purpose. So if you want a protective or spiritual wrap, go for Wallpa chaki. Light and refreshing scent.

While all other incense sticks are meant to dispense a special type of fragrance, this 100% natural Wallpa chaki incense has a special pain-relieving property that spreads throughout your home to make you feel light and refreshed. No matter how sore your muscles are, its scent will refresh you to lift your mood to new heights. Repels negative energies The Wallpa chaki, like Palo Santo, is also known to ward off evil spirits and negative energies from the environment in which it is used. You will feel that all your negative thoughts have filtered out and that you have begun to explore the positive sides of the picture. Therefore, it repels stress, depression and tensions in your life.

Don’t forget to check out the full range of pure and natural incense sticks that have special benefits along with a refreshing fragrance.

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