Palo Santo Tube Necklace.
-Large: 11″
– 19 tubes of 10x15mm.
– 57 4x9mm donuts.

Palo Santo is used in many countries to expel negative energies and attract positive energies. According to scholars, it balances energies, seeking and increasing everything positive. Cleans and purifies environments, as well as scenting them.
Where are you from?
The origin of the Palo Santo tree is very old and is found mainly throughout the American continent: Mexico, Peru, the Galapagos Islands… It was used by the Inca Shamans in their religious-spiritual rituals, to attract good luck, ward off negativity and to achieve better spiritual communication with their gods. Its inhabitants used it on a daily basis in their spiritual activities, in their prayers, to attract luck, improve their mood and to clean spaces and environments of bad energy. It was also present in the ritual of indigenous marriages, where the couple must plant a plant from this tree to bind their destinies and that the union lasts forever. In addition, Palo Santo wood is also used to light sacred fires in ceremonies and rituals, thus protecting the space in which the activity is to take place.

Benefits of Palo Santo:

What makes Palo Santo so mystical is that its properties begin to appear when the tree dries up and dies. It takes a few years for the wood to begin to develop all the components that generate its characteristic smell.

The aroma relieves nervous tension, helps control current illnesses caused by stress, maintains calm and emotional balance, raises self-esteem and improves mood.
On the other hand, Palo Santo has aphrodisiac qualities that favor the loving and personal relationship of couples.
* It is recommended to use it in the bedroom to achieve an intimate and romantic moment.

Always carry with you a necklace made of selected and varied beads made by hand from Palo Santo wood.
Use it every day for protection and a good aroma, free yourself from stress and harmonize your beautiful moments.

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