“Rosary” is a concept that comes from the Latin rosarĭum. The notion is used to name a type of prayer that Catholics perform and the element that, made up of beads, is used to develop this same prayer.

The origins of the rosary date back to the year 800.
The rosary, as an object, is made up of fifty beads that are ordered by ten. There are larger or separate beads that mark the different sentences. The string of the rosary is usually joined with a crucifix.
The rosary represents the roses, as a prayer that are offered to the Virgin Mary, in the different stages of her life as mysteries. … Traditionalist Catholics decide not to incorporate this new way of praying the rosary, keeping the 150 Hail Marys with 15 mysteries.
The term “rosary,” meaning “crown of roses,” appeared in 15th-century Europe, but the practice of reciting prayers using knots or beads dates back to Hindu priests as far back as 500 BC. … The rosary was the perfect memory aid.
The Rosary involves the will. …
Longenecker explained: “The human will is powerful because it is sharing the power of God.
It gives us the will to choose to do good or to do evil, and that will, in itself, is a powerful weapon in the spiritual realm.

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