Our palo santo (Bursera Graveolens) bracelets are meticulously made by people from our community “Las Lomas” in Huanchaco located in the province of Trujillo, department of La Libertad.
The elaboration of this bracelet is from the beginning selected.
In order to reach a fine finish.
Wear a bracelet like this, preferably on the left hand, because according to ancestral knowledge, it is where energy enters our being.
It means protection, healing, fortune…
In the wood you can feel the real and relaxing smell of the magical Palo Santo tree.
This sacred wood, so called for its energetic power that it possesses.
By changing tense places into relaxing ones, it expels negative energies and attracts positive ones.
According to studies, this wood helps balance energies by seeking and increasing all positivity.
The aroma, cleanses and purifies, also helps to relieve headaches, it has a number of healing properties.
They are armed with an elastic silicone cord for a better adaptation on the wrist.
Made up of 22 round beads, each bead or ball measures 7 / 8mm in diameter.

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