The chakana is the most important symbol of Andean culture.
In the Inca empire this geometric figure was used as a computer for mathematical, religious, philosophical and social concepts.
Now, the Andean cross is still present in ceremonial rituals.
According to research, the word chakana is a Kichwa term meaning “bridge to the top.”
and that according to Manuel Sarango, president of the Coordinadora del Pueblo Kichwa Saraguro, represents the union between the human world and what is above or the cosmos.
The design of the Andean cross has the shape of a ladder on all four sides, although for greater ease today some make it square or circular,
“But it has the same meaning and is always richly adorned with grains, flower petals, fruits. , stones, medicinal plants and water …
says Sarango. The steps of the chakana have a symmetrical shape and in the central part there is a circle divided into two parts that represents duality.
The points are the four divisions of Tahuantinsuyo. For the Incas it was a sacred element that brought together power, mysticism and wisdom,
Says the indigenous Rosa Guamán. “But it also marks man’s relationship in harmony with nature and the spiritual world.”

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